Welcome to the
Peak Performance Package!

If you want to become the best version of yourself that you can possibly be...

Learn from Fortune Academy's very own Peak Performance Leader George Butler

  • Feel STRONGER...
  • Have more ENERGY...
  • Have more CLARITY of thought...
  • Live HAPPIER...
  • More FOCUS...
  • 100% Physical & Mental PERFORMANCE

Within this product, George will teach you EVERYTHING you need to know in order to optimise your Nutrition, Fitness and your overall Peak Performance.

Not only will you receive the option to a tailored DIET and WORKOUT programme, but you will receive LIFE-TIME mentorship with George.

This means that if your circumstances, lifestyle or routine change and your plans need altering, it is completely FREE of charge...for the rest of your LIFE!

Not only this but you will also learn:

  • The 6 vital nutrient classes
  • Essential macro-nutrients
  • The worlds most powerful super-foods for peak performance
  • Most powerful foods/supplements for fat loss
  • The neuroscience behind fitness and peak performance
  • How hormones affect our health and peak performance
  • Various types of powerful fat loss exercises
  • How to calculate your heart rate for your desired form of exercise
  • Why weight training is so important
  • Different styles of weight training and which one most suits you
  • Weekly training plans for desired style of weight training
  • The most effective supplements for your desired style of weight training