How To Build A Life of Freedom

That Breaks The Tradition Of The 'JOB' Industry

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Ask Yourself...

Do You Depend On Your Job or Business For All of Your Income?

Do You Have At Least A Years Emergency Income In an Emergency Savings Account?

Do You Worry Or Stress About The Lack Of Money?

Do You Wish You Could Do What You Wanted, Not What You Had To?

Are You One Disaster Away from Financial Disaster Or Ruin?

If You Answered Yes To Any Of These Questions, I Want You To Realise That YOU ARE NOT ALONE.

Here's Why...

Many Brits are in a precarious financial position (and may not even realise it) They’re Okay for Now - they have jobs and a house and probably a superfund and modest savings for small emergencies.

But there’s a problem always looming: The Sudden loss of income. And it a very real danger; there are massive layoffs and businesses go under every day. No Job is secure. That’s why anyone who has one source of income (or two if a spouse is working) is in constant danger of losing everything. It CAN be a very stressful way to live.

But you can change your life. By creating multiple streams of income through lifestyle businesses. You can become truly wealthy and never again have to worry about money.

I’m Hither Mann, and I’m going to show you how exactly to do this at the Fortune Academy Live One day Entrepreneur Summit!

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Hither Mann

Hither Mann was a self made multi-millionaire by the age of 25. She achieved financial freedom in only 3 years after building a multi-million pound property portfolio from the ground-up. However, she was not happy having no time and just money meant her quest to find a better lifestyle continued.

She came across the world of financial trading in 2008 much by accident and discovered how you could make the same money if not more in just 2 hours a day compared to her previous 18 hour day lifestyle.

Learning this initially came with a lot of expensive mistakes and thus, to learn to the highest level in financial trading meant she had to form an alliance with some of the largest hedge funds in the City. This came at a price of £7.8million, using a property consortium she had built up over the years.

Never wanting to go into education at this point, she was baffled by the lack of calibre and the poor quality of strategies being taught in the retail market at the time which were unrecognised by the banks but made money for the educator alone. Hither made it her personal challenge to change the way the retail market was being educated by putting her own money into their hands after they learn the strategies she teaches.

George Butler

When it comes to health & fitness George is not only humble, down to earth and dedicated, He is passionate and strives for perfection in every aspect. George's philosophy in to why health & fitness is so important is hugely associated with peak-Perfomance and important factors such as food and neuroscience.

His hunger for achieving the best results not only shows in itself but for his clients too. George has over 8 years experience in his field, previously a 1 to 1 trainer, George has now moved his business online to a world wide clientele. With over 400,000 online followers and growing George has become a fitness icon and a huge helping hand to many.

The way to true wealth, to real financial independence, is through cultivating multiple, independent streams of income.

When you do this, you create a situation where you have income streaming into your bank account most days of the week (sometimes that income happens without you lifting a finger, but more on that later).

When you have more than one way of aquiring money. You’re no longer completely dependent on your job or your business or any saving fund you may have. You don’t have to worry about how the bills will get paid. By taking one proactive step to set-up a lifestyle business, you can create true financial security rather than the illusion of it

Imagine how amazing it would feel to be free of financial worries!

• Imagine not being tied down by your job or your business for income
• Imagine waking up feeling excited about the day ahead instead of feeling overwhelmed and frustrated
• Imagine having multiple streams of income coming in and the sense of security over your future as your wealth continues to grow
• Imagine going on vacation whenever, and wherever you wanted
• Imagine finally putting money worries behind you forever
• Imagine sending your children to the best schools, and give them the opportunity to succeed in life, too

Believe it to not, this is how wealthy people live. And I’m not talking about billionaires here. I’m talking about regular people who have simply set-up smart lifestyle business so they don’t have to worry about money. It’s really that simple...

Did You Know 207,000 millionaires WERE Created In The UK Over The Last 5 Years

Contrary to popular belief, you don’t have to be super smart or invent some sort of amazing product to live a life free of money worries and full of adventure.”ordinary” people become rich every day. and in greater numbers than you think. Look at this June 2013 article published in the Guardian.

This article goes on to report that in the space of 5 years 207,000 millionaires have been walking amongst us...

Here's The #1 Reason Why You're Not Financially Free Right Now

The #1 Reason why people do not have financial freedom is because they lack the knowledge about creating wealth.

We go through primary and secondary school and there’s not one class on investing or financial management. Even if you move on to higher education, you only get business knowledge if you take a business degree, even then the courses are outdate as the money creation environment changes so rapidly....

So it’s natural to do what everyone else has always told us to do - get good grades, get a job, raise a family and save for retirement. Its what our parents did, its what their parents did and therefore that's what we do . The trouble is that it doesn't really work.

There are others factors at play that keep people from accumulating wealth (factors driven by the government and big corporations) which I'll cover in more detail in the workshop. The point here is that in order to take control of your finances you have to learn a new way of dealing with money.

Albert Einstein famously said that insanity was doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results. If you’re not currently where you want to be financially, then why keep doing the same thing over and over again - going to the office or working 60 hours a week on your business - just to end up in the same situation?

If you want different results, if you want money to work for you, instead of you working for money, it’s time to try something new. It’s time to learn what the rich have learned somewhere along their path to wealth - how to build passive income streams that work for you to bring about that life of FREEDOM, FUN and ADVENTURE!