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Saturday 30th September 2017, Hilton London Metropole, 225 Edgware Rd, London





Calling All Financial Freedom Seekers!

Anyone who understands financial freedom will realise the power of creating MULTIPLE STREAMS OF INCOME. The Wealth Building Workshop has been designed to do just that! Many are realising there is no longer any security in that 9-5 or single source of income route. The sooner you start taking action to change this, the sooner can you see the prospect of a FINANCIALLY FREE FUTURE!

What you will learn from Hither Mann!

  • How to create strong wealth roots in your life so making money becomes simple.
  • The wealth model you can use for LIFE, things they will never teach in University or your work life!
  • How to understand when your subconscious mind is sabotaging your success
  • What is your relationship with money and how you can improve this daily!

Why So Many Fall Into The Traps In The Financial Markets

  • Why 95% of traders lose their money in the first 3 months and how to avoid this.
  • The secrets in the YOU-BROKER-BANK relationship.
  • Why you cannot trust bankers and their trading habits.
  • The type of trader you can trust and their trading style!
  • How your emotions are your biggest enemy in trading.

Are You Ready For Success?

  • The trading strategy you can trust – outlined in 5 simple steps!
  • The Do’s and Dont’s of successful trading
  • How to trade around your current job/business, using 15-30 mins a day!
  • Create that financial plan that means you can design the life you’ve always wanted.
  • Why Vice Presidents of Tier 1 Banks are Hither Mann’s students and trading successfully.

Arrive Early!

Registrations On The Day Open At 8.30AM

08.30 - 09:30

Registrations Open

Arrive early to secure your seat on the day.
09:30 - 12:00

First Session

Our first session on the day will be packed with crucial knowledge for mapping the foundations to your financial success.
12:00 - 13:00

Afternoon Break

Refresh and re-energise for our supercharged second session.
13:00 - 16:30

Second Session

More groundbreaking value and trading strategies from Hither Mann.
17:00 - 19:00

Final Session

Final Keynote with Q&A session.

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Hither Mann: Wealth Educator, Multiple Business Owner, Author, International Speaker

The Story Behind Fortune Academy's Success

Who Is Hither Mann?

Hither Mann initially was an optician after she left university in 2003. She soon realised the trappings of a 9-5 and immediately ventured out into Property Development where she built a multi-million pound portfolio by the age of 25 using no money down strategies that were rife prior to 2008. She then leveraged this portfolio into the world of Financial Trading. Hither learned how to trade 1:1 from one of the best traders in London since 2009 with whom she invested £7.8million. Hither now realises that formal education will never teach you anything about financial freedom and is on a mission to teach 1000s of people since 2014 how to trade forex like she had learned. Better still, she is awarding students with money to trade with when they show a positive track record. Hither is renown for making forex simple for any background to learn, especially if you haven’t traded before. Current traders will learn some valuable new strategies that will help them in all their trading styles.

Why Fortune Academy?

Hither grew up in a family where the lack of money was the root of all problems and arguments in the household. She knew from the age of 9, that no matter what she was going to be super wealthy so that one day her parents could be happy and stop arguing over money. She started supporting her family financially from the age of 16 through jobs outside School and University. As soon as she graduated however, she realised her job was never going to create that financial freedom she so desperately needed so she threw herself into property networking groups and learned real money making skills that were never taught in University or the job world…this is where the realisation came that everybody else was caught in a system that was designed to make you fail and very unhappy! Self-Education was the only route forward! Through her successful financial journey, she managed to support her family the way she thought best and even employed her parents for a short time until they were financially free. Her satisfaction of giving back became addictive and Fortune Academy was the only way she could continue to help others do what she did with her family and loved ones. “Teaching others to realise their dreams is something way bigger than any money I have earned in my life. It is what I now live for!”

``Fighting Repression And My New Fortune Family`` - Hither Mann

One thing that hasn’t been mentioned all this time, was my attempt to create a different future for my parents caused much bigger problems than I realised. I grew up in a very repressive culture, one where the oldest family member made all the decisions for even my parents! One where a female like myself was crucified for speaking out or acting ‘against the grain’ Nonetheless, I knew all too well that the solution to my parents problems was not to be created with the same mindset that created the problem in the first place! To create a new future, you have to be a new person! I had zero support from family and siblings while I was going through this massive transformation and very often I suffered from major anxiety, depression and rejection issues, some of which still haunt me today. Making money was the only thing that allowed my acceptance in a culture as repressive as the one I grew up in. However, I knew it was all too fickle and worse still, there must be thousands of others going through the same or even worse experiences than me. Fortune Academy is now the channel in which I can support those that are struggling to fight the limitations placed upon them. My student’s transformation is what inspires me to keep leading and creating a family that is based on the more similar values. I am grateful for all the amazing students and colleagues I have through Fortune Academy, they are truly inspirational! My most dear family now is my Fortune Family !

What Do People Say?

  • Hither is responsible for my life changing decisions. She's help open up a future I never thought could exist.

    Sean Richards

    Sean Richards

    Forex Trader
  • Hither has a really good ability to teach people from all levels. I knew nothing when I was introduced to her.

    Meera Meswania

    Meera Meswania

  • Hither is a huge inspiration to me. I was first introduced to her through her videos on Youtube, at her events, things go to a whole new level!




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